Our Services

Inology is an IT Services provider established in 2013 with a vision to form a organization that would provide Innovative Technology Solutions, Consulting, Training and computer services to end customers.

Technology Solutions

We design solutions for Small and Medium Businesses, End Users and Large Corporates :

  • Bespoke website development
  • E-commerce storefronts
  • Mobile Applications : Android /iOS App’s
  • Business Startup Custom Application Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customer Analytics Integration
  • Customer Acquisitions & Improving Site Rankings

Software tools and cost effective backup solutions (of Desktop, Laptop, Tabs, Phones etc.) to manage your work.

Digital Marketing

Get your website reviewed by our team, we provide a range of services to promote your products or services in any geographical area :

  • Search Engine Rankings
  • New Product/ Service Launch Promotions
  • Mobile Application Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO/SMO Rankings Improvement
  • Customer Analytics Integration
  • Engagement of Customer Acquisitions

Software As A Service

We provide software as a service products in the following areas currently:

  • Email Validator : An web based bulk e-mail verification product for use by Digital Marketing companies
    allowing them to verify e-mails for promotional and service messages without sending prior e-mails.
  • Notes Scribble : A web based product intended for for students to help them create notes
    for any topics of study at school.
  • CAFIRM : A web based product intended for Charted Accountants
    who are in the business of e-filing of tax within India.
  • Astromiracle : A free astrology chart and health predictor with remedies
    based on vedic astrology matched to an individual’s Dasha periods.

What's It About?

Applications for Startups - Emerging trends in technology - Revolutionize learning - Online courses

We provide services to clients, students, organizations etc in the fields of Website Development & E-Commerce, IT Security, IT Training and Digital Marketing. We also do hands-on Website design & development for our clients along with Android Applications development. As company we have developed products in the area of digital marketing and healthcare and constantly work on research projects with new technologies & avenues.

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Education Services


Through our separate initiative Inology E-learning Website
we provide online / offline learner programmes for our students as well training assessments.
Please visit the site to view the training’s for your institutional needs.

IT Security

Audits & Perimeter Defense

We provide SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses) the opportunity to have their platform tested for vulnerabilities and malicious code in critical business areas such as:

  • Online digital payments
  • Customer data (including details of credit cards etc)
  • Banking and financial data
  • Network and application level
  • Security for mobile applications
  • Our product “SecureStack” which prevents DDOS attacks on company networks has recently been featured in US media publications.

Customer Support

With an on call support team of over 150 people based out of India, we have what it takes to services all our customers across the globe.
We provide ready support for products sold, repair & recovery of computer devices, remote computer repair services (over the internet).

Our Expertise

We engage the best talent for our products and services.

Get a Swift Response

We have very customer friendly SLA's which serve to help our customers who are dealing with difficult business problems.

Uncompromised Quality

Our Testing Team ensures the quality of the software delivered to the end client.

Performance & Flexibility

For all our clients, we ensure that requirements are met and the customer is happy with the outcome of the overall project.

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What People Say

How real people said about Education WordPress Theme.

tarash a smile clinic

Dr. Ashima Gupta

Head Dentology
Being a Dentist by profession it was important for us to give out the message to our patients of new treatment avenues and the care given by our doctors. With the amount of overshelming information we had with us, it was a great job done by the guys over at CitrusTech to make an exceptional website with meeting reminders, doctor appointments and various other functionalities within the website. If you are a doctor I would highly recommend having them provide you with an estimate. Thanks Shweta for your help !
joy of living – rounded

Dr. Richa Saxena

Senior Editor, Jaypee Group
I am satisfied with the services of CitrusTech Solutions. Earlier I had met a lot of web design company consultants and almost all of them were asking for a huge amount of money for a professional website. The personnel at CitrusTech are very forth coming and helpful and have very unique ideas. I really recommend them !

Vikram Kapoor

(CEO), Sound Affairs
I would really recommend them as in times in need I have really got a lot of help from them. For e.g once my laptop died on me completely and I had to get my data back. They just took two days to have the laptop picked up and in returning the data back to me which I had lost all hope to get back. Kudos to them !!

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